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Clairvoyant Massage

Our massage therapist, Adriane, is also a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant.  Click here to read her staff bio.

She works closely with Buddhist monks from South East Asia. Her practice is Buddhist based and that's where she stems her faith and spirituality on. However, you don't have to practice or believe in Buddhism to benefit from this experience. Adriane will happily meet you at any level of belief you are comfortable with.

Clairvoyance means seeing beyond the range of ordinary perception. Our bodies hold information like a book. For example, Adriane has been known to pick up past injuries, certain physical ailments like high blood pressure, past life karma, & spirits. Adriane will be able to read your energy and depending on the category/categories of your choice - will be able to give helpful information to receive clarity about YOU, essentially, all while receiving your customized massage.

Adriane is not a doctor, nor has she ever practiced any medicine beyond the scope of her massage certificate. Through the years she has researched many topics of spirituality and health and is a huge supporter of holistic practices, but does not claim to be certified in any topics that may come up. This reading is not to receive a diagnosis or treatment.

Adriane cannot make any promises or guarantees about what information will come through. However, you can trust that what comes through is for your highest & best good. No need to fear bad news, this experience is meant to be positive and encouraging. Adriane will only share information regarding topics you have preapproved discussing.

On rare occasion, Adriane isn't able to get a good connection. If she feels this is the case, she will let you know and only charge you for a standard massage instead of the clairvoyant massage price. 

We encourage you to come to your Clairvoyant Massage with an open mind. It also helps to think of questions you'd like to ask during the massage.


You can find Adriane at the spa:

Sundays: 9am-7pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & every other Friday: 9:30am-2pm

Thursday: 1pm-6pm 

Every other Saturday: 9:30-4:30

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